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5th Airborne


5th Airborne is the latest product innovation from FABEX, manufacturer of pin boxes... Your fifth-wheel takes a lot of abuse from turbulence caused by potholes, section  dividers, bridge decks and heavily worn interstate highways. The 5th Airborne premium fifth-wheel air-ride coupler acts as a buffer between the tow vehicle and the trailer, minimizing the challenges in the road. This significantly reduces the negative impact of vertical shock and longitudinal chucking. The 5th Airborne does more than improve your ride; it protects your investments by relieving stress on your coach’s frame, cabinets, mechanicals, and support mechanisms. Reduced vibration also saves your contents. Furniture, appliances, TVs, computers, dishes, glassware and other fragile items stay in their places. Drivers and passengers also benefit from reduced fatigue and the improved safety provided by the 5th Airborne’s smooth ride.

The 5th Airborne premium fifth-wheel air-ride coupler was engineered and developed by long-time veterans of the towing industry. They put the product through grueling tests to measure its performance against the top two competing premium couplers on the market. The 5th Airborne coupler, with its innovative forward pivot design, out- performed both leading competitors. Test measurements were recorded in both the vertical (air-ride softening) direction and the longitudinal (anti-chucking) direction. The documented results proved that the 5th Airborne performed significantly better in both orientations.

The streamlined, high-tech design of 5th Airborne adds a touch of class to the otherwise mechanical-looking hitch. 5thAirborne is engineered with a 21,000-lb. rating. 5th Airborne is designed to allow tuning of the air-spring, a feature that permits adjustment to optimize the performance of each rig combination. The air-spring is enclosed within the coupler, providing protection from UV exposure and road hazards.


Part No.



5AB-E13517 5th Airborne for Venture CJ13517 Trailer Frames 139.0  $995.00

5AB-E1621-610 5th Airborne Extended 12" Wide Air Ride 143.0  $995.00

5AB-E510-710 5th Airborne Extended 12-1/2 Wide Air Ride 143.0  $995.00

5AB-E510-710K 5th Airborne Extended 12-1/2 Wide Air Ride for Keystone Trailer Frames 139.0  $995.00

5AB-E7920 5th Airborne for Leland 7920 Trailer Frames 143.0  $995.00

5AB-E810 5th Airborne for Youngs Trailer Frames 139.0  $995.00

5AB-E910 5th Airborne - No Mounting Holes 133.0  $995.00

5AB-S0719-600 5th Airborne for Lippert 719 & Fabex 600 trailer Frames 127.0  $995.00

5AB-S13515 5th Airborne for Venture CJ13515 Trailer Frames 126.0  $995.00

5AB-S500-700 5th Airborne Standard 12-1/2 Wide Air Ride Pin Box 127.0  $995.00

5AB-S500-700K 5th Airborne Standard 12-1/2 Wide Air Ride Pin Box for Keystone Trailer Frames 127.0  $995.00

5AB-S7910 5th Airborne for Leland Trailer Frames 139.0  $995.00

5AB-S800 5th Airborne for Youngs Trailer Frames 125.0  $995.00

5AB-T314XT 5th Airborne - Extended 314 139.0  $995.00

5AB-T320 5th Airborne Tube Style 8" Wide Air Ride 114.0  $995.00
5AB-T7016 5th Airborne for RBW 7016 135.0  $995.00
5AB-T72-34 5th Airborne Tube Style 12-1/2" Wide 135.0  $995.00
5AB-T820 5th Airborne Tube Style 8" Wide Air Ride 117.0  $995.00

See Chart Below for Pin Box Conversion

Custom Wedges


  • Designed to work with the Sidewinder & 5th  Airborne Sidewinder
  • Replacement wedge that is designed for specific fifth wheel hitches

Part No.




SWW-01 Custom Wedges for Signature Series & Select Plus Fifth Wheels 6.0  $49.95

SWW-02 Custom Wedges for pro Series Fifth Wheels 6.0  $49.95

SWW-03 Custom Wedges for Select Series Fifth Wheels 6.0  $49.95

Pin Box Matrix Conversion
OEM Part Numbers 5th Airborne
complete part number
complete part number
5th Airborne/Sidewinder
complete part number
Fabex 520, 530 and 560
Lippert 1116 and 0115
RBW 7019
5AB-S500/700 ST-100/SW-01 ST-100/5AS-02
Fabex 663
M&M 663
Lippert 0719
5AB-S600/0719 ST-200/SW-01 ST-200/5AS-02
Venture CJ13515 5AB-S600/0719 ST-300/SW-01 ST-300/5AS-02
Leland 7910 5AB-S7910 ST-400/SW-01 ST-400/5AS-02
Youngs Welding 5AB-S800 ST-500/SW-01 ST-500/5AS-02
Fabex 500, 503 and 765
Lippert 1716
RBW 7028
5AB-E510/710 ST-100/SW-01 ST-100/5AS-02
Fabex 665
M&M 665
Lippert 1621 and 7921
5AB-E610/1621 ST-200/SW-01 ST-200/5AS-02
Venture CJ13517 5AB-E13517 ST-300/SW-01 ST-300/5AS-02
Leland 7920 and 7921 5AB-E7920 ST-400/SW-01 ST-400/5AS-02
Youngs Welding 5AB-E810 ST-500/SW-01 ST-500/5AS-02
Fabex 300, 314 and 316
Lippert 0516
RBW 7027
Atwood 2326
Youngs Welding
5AB-T320 Not Available Not Available
Atwood AB-34 and AB-72 5AB-T34/72 Not Available Not Available
RBW 7016-2P 5AB-T7016 Not Available Not Available
Youngs Welding Straight 8x8 5AB-T820 Not Available Not Available
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